About HAEA

Hyundai AutoEver America (HAEA) is a global Information Technology services company, with approximately 300 professionals serving Hyundai Kia Motor Group affiliates in North and South America.

  • Technology Services

    HAEA provides a full range of Information Technology Services, spanning application services, business intelligence, integration, data security, infrastructure, and hosting services. By delivering competitive services, HAEA enables our clients to focus on running their core business, align IT capabilities to support business goals, and leverage technology to more effectively compete in the marketplace.
  • Premier IT professionals with industry expertise

    HAEA is a premier IT professional group with extensive experience and expertise in all aspects of the automobile industry, including sales & distribution, manufacturing, captive finance, and marketing.
  • Integrated Global IT leader

    As the North American hub of Information Technology serving Hyundai Kia Motor Group affiliates around the globe, HAEA implements global IT solutions, while recognizing the local business factors of clients. Global resources and skills are leveraged to form effective project teams.
  • Driving Effectiveness

    HAEA helps our clients to move forward in every part of their business, from strategic planning to day-to-day operations. HAEA IT solutions enable clients to respond more quickly, increase efficiency, and reduce costs, which leads to higher consumer satisfaction. As a trusted business advisor, we focus on our clients economic health and success.